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ADT reuse

So here?s the deal, just moved into a new house with an existing system,
ADT safe watch pro 3000.  I have a few friends with ADT, and they hate
them, lousy response and the whole send a tech out and bill bill bill ya
for every visit.  Part of my job is setting up these sensors, basically
what goes where not the actual install. The ADT rep just left and short of
clueless, short skirt low blouse and no idea what was goinin on beyond the
pamphlet.  She promised the world with rainbows and what not.  Supposedly
I can purchase my own sensors and install them and just have the tech
program them.  I?m sure it?s the this aint compatible game.  So to the
point, can I take their crap that?s left in my house and build my own
system off of it?  from what she told me, it?s a Ademco/Honeycutt, vista
30 wireless system.


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