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Re: Bid Specs Request

"G. Morgan" <usenet_abuse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "ABLE1" <royboynospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I have the drawing covered.  Looking for the bid specs, not concerned
>>who they are for or what mfg is spec'd.
> Are you talking about the engineering specs that are included in the bid
> request?  You can grab them off any of the manufacturers sites.  For
> example:
> http://www.firelite.com/documentation/eng-specs.html
> For the Fire-Lite -- MS-9050UD
> http://www.firelite.com/documentation/eng-specs/9050UD_ENG_Spec_052609.doc

Thanks, I found on GE site for the Fireworx panels.
Never knew that this was available.  Appreciate!!!


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