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Re: Low Cost Security Alarm ?

On Jul 25, 3:51=A0pm, "Bob La Londe" <nos...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> "James" <jnipper...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:b-ydnYkCpsg0u9HRnZ2dnUVZ_tSdnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > I know that this is a very general question, but what is a very good,
> > basic,
> > simple to install home security alarm ? =A0 I don't need monthly monito=
> > etc, just a system that will sound an outside alarm when door and windo=
> > switches are set off.
> > I have had a simple, wired system from Radio Shack for many years, but =
> > control unit has become defective. =A0So, I could stay with a wired sys=
> > or
> > would consider wireless.
> > Is there anything decent in the =A0$150 =A0range ??
> > Thanks !!
> In answer to your question: =A0Any commercial 6 zones hardwired panel wil=
> probably be a superior replacement for your Radio Shack panel. =A0Dependi=
ng on
> how it was wired you may not have to do much except at the panel. =A0Most
> modern ones I work with have the ability to add an integrated (self
> diagnostic and device/battery monitoring) wireless receiver for a few
> wireless devices. =A0$150 will probably buy a number of different control
> panels with a keypad new. =A0Add on a battery and you are good to go. =A0=
To add
> wireless to it will go past your budget. =A0Retail for decent (not junk
> consumer only) wireless transmitters is going to be around $50 each (give=
> take) for contacts and $100+/- for motions, glass breaks, smokes, etc.
> I throw in some perspective here for DIYers since our resident, "Its not
> rocket science," advocate no longer seems to be contributing.
> Now, a real professional should be a lot more comprehensive than that, an=
d a
> smaller installer like myself or a number of those here are going to be a
> lot more in tune with the capabilities of each component they install. =
> we get paid for our time and expertise, but you get something with a lot
> fewer possibilities of having problems and greater chance of working as
> desired.
> Hmmmmm..... =A0Maybe I should reincarnate DIYComponets.com. =A0Nah. =A0I =
> want to spend that kind of time on support.

RHC: Bob, RLB told me he no longer feels it of much use for him to
contribute to the newsgroup. Given his condition, that is

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