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Re: Low Cost Security Alarm ?

On Jul 25, 7:57=A0am, "James" <jnipper...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I know that this is a very general question, but what is a very good, bas=
> simple to install home security alarm ? =A0 I don't need monthly monitori=
> etc, just a system that will sound an outside alarm when door and window
> switches are set off.
> I have had a simple, wired system from Radio Shack for many years, but th=
> control unit has become defective. =A0So, I could stay with a wired syste=
m, or
> would consider wireless.
> Is there anything decent in the =A0$150 =A0range ??
> Thanks !!
> James



How much is you home and contents worth?
At that price I can only suggest that you buy a baseball bat and a dog.

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