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Re: Old 4-channel ADT all-in-one Monitor/Switcher - what kind of wire?

nick markowitz <nmarkowitz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On Jul 14, 4:23 pm, G. Morgan <usenet_ab...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Old 4-channel ADT all-in-one B &W Monitor/Switcher  (no recorder) model
>> AD1451042A -  it's old but still works.  The wires have proprietary connectors
>> that resemble computer PS/2 connectors.
>> I'd like to snip the ends off and reuse the wires with video baluns.  Otherwise
>> I'm gonna have to rewire the whole place to replace the system which is gonna
>> suck.
>> Does anyone know what size wire is in those things?  Are they twisted pair?
>the wire size was22/ 24 gauge

Thanks Nick.  I appreciate the reply.  The guy called back and wants to rewire
everything anyway to "future proof" it. Me and my big mouth talking about IP
cams.  Oh well, it's only 120°F or so in the attic.  <g>

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