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Re: No wonder the internet/ phone lines was always causing problems

You know you'll always have an issue when someone decides to let a change of
service happen on a Friday afternoon. It never fails that a call comes
saying the (Fire) alarm system is beeping and going into trouble. It takes
almost a half an hour to explain to the customer that "No, you can't fix the
problem because it is in the phone lines" "But the phone guy was just here"
"Yes, and that is why you are having problems now"
It is the cause of many  after hours calls that the customer then doesn't
feel he or she shouldn't have to pay for.

"nick markowitz" <nmarkowitz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> One of my customers switched to One communications ( Choice One )
> several years back
> and it seemed they had to reboot the modem several times a week off
> the T1 with DSL  split circuit
> One Communications provided.
> Well they switched over to Verizon FIOS  out of complete frustration
> with One communications and when it came time to trace everything out
> today to allow Verizon to hook in guess what I found? The fucking lazy
> ass One Communications installer  had hooked the internet circuit wire
> going to the router thru a 100 ft piece of 4 conductor straight
> station wire instead of running a Cat 5 wire and doing it correctly.
> No wonder everything was always having problems.
> Well thats 3 more stores they lost today because of bad service.But of
> course Verizon tech screwed up as well the one running in the new
> metallic phone lines failed to hook up 2 of them before he left and
> Verizon had to send a tech out on overtime so my customer had service
> at there store this evening.
> Well any ways the FIOS is hooked up and fantastic 25/20MBS
> and no more phone line noise and scratch. and line troubles on the
> fire system.

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