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Re: WinDSX - anyone know this stuff

> Crash" <robosama@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:68c4a257-b74d-4b84-8db2-cb300b3fbea6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Access control windsx.com ? Friend asked me to look into it for him
> (I'm not bidding on this job)...judging by the rest of the bid he
> received I think the bidder is in trouble. But, I was wondering if
> anyone has used this WinDSX? Looks like a small company which would
> make me nervous if it's proprietary stuff. Also, the bidder seems
> incredibly high on the WinDSX and ridiculously low on other stuff.
> Thoughts?...ew...that may not be a good question on this ng.
> :-)

Never heard of WinDSX, but that doesn't mean anything.  There are some
industry specific access systems out there that you would not hear of unless
you had done work in that specific industry.  Some of them are pretty good.
Others have just succeeded at marketing to that industry.

For example:  Storage facilities.  There are some access managament systems
that integrate directly with accounting and operations management software.
They tend to be on the expensive side for what they do, but because they
plug directly into other systems they tend to sell.

I would ask what that particular access system does that is special.

I tend to go with Napco now that they have good access integration or for
larger stuff Continental which of course integrates Napco controls as
needed.  Its good flexible stuff at pretty reasonable (in the access market)
pricing, but it doesn't necessarily have a software integration patch for
XYZ airport automation, 123 stoage accounting, or whatever.  Except for the
controllers themselves you can use a variety of industry standard reads (HID
or Weigand) or if you prefer you can use Napco's proprietary readers and
cards.  Just about any locking hardware is compatible as well.

WinDSX may not be worth more in general, but it may be worth more for the
application.  This is one of those areas where you really need to get paid
for consulting as to do it right you need to do some real research. I am not
belittling your efforts, desire to help your buddy, or you asking in ASA.

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