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Re: Ping --> Robert L Bass

On Jul 11, 10:43=A0pm, tourman <robercampb...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Jul 11, 8:22=A0am, "petem" <petem...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > "mleuck" <m.le...@xxxxxxxxx> a =E9crit dans le message de groupe de dis=
> > : 97c303d2-8ad0-4222-b7eb-a6afa87d5...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > > On Jul 10, 5:55 pm, "Just Looking" <S...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > >> More than would otherwise care to admit are thinking about Robert an=
> > >> hoping
> > >> for the best for him.
> > >> If the end is near, I hope it is peaceful and painless passing. Robe=
> > >> must
> > >> know that even his fiercest detractors will ultimately miss his pres=
> > >> here.
> > > I think most of the people he managed to drive off over the years
> > > won't miss him at all.
> > > (Yea I went there, deal with it)
> > you got a point there..
> RHC: No I don't think he has at all !!
> You know, it's a funny thing sometimes how you can make all sorts of
> assumptions about a person, even ones that might seem valid because of
> sometimes obnoxious behaviour on a virtual newsgroup, yet you never
> really know a man until you "walk a mile in his shoes". RLB pissed a
> lot of people off at times; but from my vantage point, he was more
> than usually right when he made a point about something relative to
> security matters.

Had he kept it to security matters it might have been different
although I seemed to recall years of him bashing people here as well
as the entire security industry just to sell product.

> Maybe you didn't like his politics - that's your
> business, but he also likely didn't like yours in return.

True but I don't recall ever starting new threads in a security forum
based on my political views

> He and I
> disagreed about a lot of things as well but for some reason over the
> 12 or so years we shared this newsgroup, =A0it never dropped even close
> to the level of personal insults. When you give respect, you generally
> get it in return.

The key word there is "generally" as in "not always".

Notice how nice and quiet it is now that he's gone mostly because he
drove everyone away, that's his legacy

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