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Re: Ping --> Robert L Bass

"tourman" <robercampbell@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit dans le message de groupe de
discussion :
> On Jul 11, 8:22 am, "petem" <petem...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "mleuck" <m.le...@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit dans le message de groupe de
>> discussion
>> : 97c303d2-8ad0-4222-b7eb-a6afa87d5...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> > On Jul 10, 5:55 pm, "Just Looking" <S...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >> More than would otherwise care to admit are thinking about Robert and
>> >> hoping
>> >> for the best for him.
>> >> If the end is near, I hope it is peaceful and painless passing. Robert
>> >> must
>> >> know that even his fiercest detractors will ultimately miss his
>> >> presence
>> >> here.
>> > I think most of the people he managed to drive off over the years
>> > won't miss him at all.
>> > (Yea I went there, deal with it)
>> you got a point there..
> RHC: No I don't think he has at all !!
> You know, it's a funny thing sometimes how you can make all sorts of
> assumptions about a person, even ones that might seem valid because of
> sometimes obnoxious behaviour on a virtual newsgroup, yet you never
> really know a man until you "walk a mile in his shoes". RLB pissed a
> lot of people off at times; but from my vantage point, he was more
> than usually right when he made a point about something relative to
> security matters. Maybe you didn't like his politics - that's your
> business, but he also likely didn't like yours in return. He and I
> disagreed about a lot of things as well but for some reason over the
> 12 or so years we shared this newsgroup,  it never dropped even close
> to the level of personal insults. When you give respect, you generally
> get it in return.
> I don't know Bob all that well; however, I have visited his home, met
> his parents when they were still alive, ridden motorcycles with him,
> eaten lunch with him, walked the beach with him and spent many hours
> talking about our mutual values in life. I'm a pretty good judge of
> character and I can say with absolute certainty that he is a good and
> generous person in life. He's made a few mistakes in life, but he's
> learned from them, and gone forward (and who here is any different
> from him in that regard....). If you choose to judge him solely on the
> persona on this newsgroup then you are making a huge mistake (if that
> matters to you). Personally, I count him as a friend, and if we lived
> closer together, we would be more so.
> When my time comes, I can only hope that I go out with as much
> forgiveness and dignity as he has shown over the last many months.

Tell that to the family of the woman he killed, and to the guys of some
aviation group, and I am sure they will want o make a group hug....NOT..

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