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Re: AlarmNet A 7720ULF

On Jul 10, 7:43=A0pm, Crash <robos...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Jul 10, 4:47=A0am, nick markowitz <nmarkow...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On Jul 9, 10:12=A0pm, Crash <robos...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > Anyone know how to unlock this? It was abandoned 3-4 years ago (orig
> > > installer out of biz), still sends sigs to dead account, so I know it
> > > works but we gotta switch it to another account number and line card
> > > on diff receiver.
> > > Possible?
> > > Rob.
> > You need the 7720P program tool and there's no password unless its
> > being used to split the programming which most company's never did.
> > Should be able to just plug in programmer and go. remember needs to go
> > central that uses alarmnet
> I have the 7720P and it's asking for passwords, so it's locked. Ademco
> will unlock it but that may take 3-4 weeks, which is not good for a
> commercial fire account. Who freekin' locks a commercial fire panel
> anyway? Sheesh, in 25 years of doing business here I'd never even
> heard of these guys anyway.
> And yes, CS is AlarmNet capable.
> Sheet.

Yeah, theres a place to put in a pass word but nobody that I know of
ever does it.

Don't you have a spare "other" radio that you could use temporarily
until it comes back for Alarmnet? And I bet if you pushed it, they'd
get it back to you a lot quicker ..... like a few days. Send it out
FedEx, track it, Call Receiving when it arrives and ask them who it
goes to and ask for a manager in that department and just follow it
right through the system and back to  you FedEx.  Call them a few
times every day tell them you're being fined every day it's not up and
running and they'll do anything to get rid of you. Just act a little

But ..... on the other hand, if you do that, they just might think
you're from New York. ;-)

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