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New batteries don't last like the old ones

Anyone notice how the new alarm backup batteries built in China don't
last the same length of time anymore as did older ones. Newer
batteries seem to average from 2 to 3 years before often dying a
catastrophic death (which can pull the panel down as it struggles to
charge a battery in dead short condition). Older batteries made by
reputable companies like Yuasa seem to average about 5 years with many
going longer. The much older batteries (orange in colour) often went
over 10 years (although I always change out batteries that have gone
over five years as a matter of course).

I wonder if the industry is in cahoots with the
manufacturers....cheaper batteries equals more service calls equals
more revenue from the customers.....:)) Or is it just pressure on the
suppliers for constantly cheaper prices in this sometimes "nickel and
dime" industry where everyone wants something for nothing.....

Dunno....anyone have any thoughts on this matter?

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