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Re: Ever get one of these crazy people calls?

On 04/07/2010 7:54 AM, tourman wrote:
> On Jul 2, 4:41 pm, nick markowitz<nmarkow...@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>> On Jul 2, 9:06 am, tourman<robercampb...@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>> On Jul 1, 9:20 pm, nick markowitz<nmarkow...@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>>> Call goes like this.
>>>> I need a security system because my ex husband ,Boyfriend etc is
>>>> terrorizing me.
>>>> Ok go out look place over suggest some security improvements locks
>>>> etc.
>>>> possibly cameras .
>>>> put them in and next day they call.
>>>> the ex has gotten into the place and wrecked it.
>>>> well we know dam well it was not spider-man who got in the 3rd floor
>>>> window and did this.
>>>> In the end it always seem these individuals have worked them selves
>>>> into such a frenzy they cause there own problems. and not even know
>>>> they did it.
>>>> needless to say when I find out there a loon there gone I disconnect
>>>> everything and im out of there.
>>>> glad i do not do residential any more bunch of fucking  lunatics.
>>>> had some old widow call my house and bug my wife every 15 minutes
>>>> because she needed
>>>> her door bell fixed because she was expecting a extremely important
>>>> guest and might not hear them knock.
>>>> needless to say she got dropped that afternoon and was told to never
>>>> call again or face harassment charges.
>>>> im sure all of you have horror stories you can tell as well any one
>>>> care to?
>>> RHC: Yeah, once had a lady who kept claiming that someone was breaking
>>> in and bypassing the motions. Thorough investigation showed she had no
>>> problem with the alarm; her problem was her mental state, known by her
>>> family, but not by me when I agreed to put in her alarm. No resolution
>>> was possible in her case. I removed the alarm completely and cancelled
>>> the monitoring. Such is life; however, I have never encountered that
>>> problem since, and frankly now, I think after so many years in
>>> business, I would see it and duck the job.....
>>> Same as when I was a locksmith....lady called and said she had to have
>>> her locks rekeyed but absolutely had to be done between certain hours.
>>> Her husband returned unexpectedly, went ballistic and threw me out of
>>> the house, including my gear. At a locksmith convention sometime
>>> later,  sitting around the table having supper, I relayed that story.
>>> Seems every locksmith learns never to respond to calls like
>>> that...they laughed and called me a "newbie"....:))
>>> Every tradesperson has his story...such is life
>> Its what makes the world go around and keeps things interesting
> RHC: Yeah, isn't that the truth. Another thing I've noticed over the
> years is customers who call and complain about poor service from their
> alarmco. I've learned more often than not, a "takeover" of this kind
> of customer is usually buying someone else's problem customer. I make
> it a point whenever I get one of these calls from a client of a small
> local alarm company, to always give the owner of that company a "heads
> up" that his client is thinking of leaving. You would not believe the
> horror stories I get from some of these clients (with many a complete
> opposite story from the alarmco's side of things....). With many
> customers, it boils down  to wishing for unreasonable levels of
> service from either the monitoring station (response in less than 10
> seconds), to demanding immediate service for any small thing. Some of
> the customer complaints relayed to me may well be legitimate; however,
> it's definately too great a risk for me to consider taking them
> on.....
> Besides, if the small guys don't stick together locally, we risk being
> run over by the money machines. Let them go to the ADT's of the world;
> then their next service experience will make them appreciate their
> previous company.....

ADT has their own problems!


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