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Re: Probable Scam - How?

On Jun 29, 2:38 pm, jrbd99 <jrb...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am a manufacturer's rep in the security industry (turnstile
> products) and received a very generic email quote request for one of
> our products.  I replied with some questions and he called with a very
> thick African accent and informed me that these are shiping to Ghana.
> Long-story short, I quoted him full price and within minutes he
> accepted and said that he'll use his credit card to pay.  This was
> after I made it clear that payment was due 10 business days PRIOR to
> shipping.
> This smells VERY fishy, but I can't figure out the scam (other than a
> stolen credit card) if he pays in advance.
> Any ideas? <

Allow me to explain the scam in simple English exactly as it was
shared with me by Robert Campbell.
A tribe of jigaboos from Nigeria use stolen credit card information to
buy products for resale there, or used as a gift to the head
porchmonkey in exchange for the rights to hump some jungle bunny in
his village. You accept the order from the yard apes, ship the goods
to the bootlips, and get whacked with a chargeback once the true
cardholder becomes aware of the charges.
Oh those crazy coloreds and their innovative methods of committing
This bullshit never would have happened had Abraham Lincoln remained
sober but Abe pulled the cork and now the mud ducks are running amok.

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