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We have a real problem down here in North Florida (Holmes Country and
surrounding area).  According to some locals with connections to the
police, the federals have sent a bunch of 'drug warriors' down here to
solve the drug problem.

So far, people have encountered drug warrior "ninjas" trespassing on
homesteads in full blackout camo while looking for drugs or something
else (at night).  Still other people have had their property broken
into with nothing stolen.  Others have managed to obtain partial
surveillance video.

I have my property set up with interlocking video feeds but a few
holes were exploited leading to a "break in".  Technology changes so
fast today so I'm looking for suggestions on gear to secure my
homestead.  The main goal is to capture some useable footage for the
web and the courts.

So........ what's the best value in black and white hi-res vid cameras
today?  What's the best value in infrared illuminators?  What's the
best value in desktop computer-based DVR cards?

Is there anything else you can recommend?  Sure would appreciate any

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