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Re: Sell LCD telephone Burglar Alarm Systems

too fat for a ladder wrote:

>OK let's stop the innuendos (which most of you probably think is an
>Italian suppository), and just tell it the way you see it.
>Are you, yes or no, calling Mark a homosexual,


> and do you, yes or no,
>have any information to support your belief,

No.  Just a hunch.

>or is this just a label
>you have thrown on him in retaliation for you being labeled a wino?

Actually I only engaged him because he started this thread with an unprovoked,
and unfunny, flame.  "Wow even G Morgan can install one of these"

After that it just became an opportunity to tell him I think he's a queer (not
that there's anything wrong with that, a person's sexual orientation is
nobody's business but their own).  He may not even know it yet, last I heard
he was just experimenting with ladies hose.

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