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Re: The auto contact

On May 13, 2:38=A0pm, "KingFish" <a...@xxxxxx> wrote:
> "Robert L Bass" <Sa...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in messagenews:1KudnX=
> > "mleuck" wrote:
> >> I emailed and called him today and was sent more information, it's bot=
> >> hardwire and wireless. My local ADI had none in stock yet, around $150
> > You're paying too much. =A0They give high-volume clients better prices.
> even if the BBB rates them F?
> http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/electric-equipment-t...

Have you used TheAutoContact ?
If so how did it hold up?
I checked with the BBB and TheAutoContact is not rated a F.
Why would you say all of the bads things about a product?

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