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"mleuck" wrote:
> I got one of those robotic calls today...

> Sure you did

Perhaps they missed your area code so far.

> That is an assumption on your part since you have no way to know what part
> of Brinks' revenue is spent on advertising and on illegal or misleading
> telephone calling campaigns like the one ADT is currently running.

> And yet you seem to know all about it

I know Brinks runs misleading ads.  I've seen them and so have several others
here.  I also know that it's highly unlikely that you, I or anone else here
knows what percentage of revenue Brinks spends on advertising.  I do, however,
know that any major business selling to the general public is likely to spend
a significant part of their earnings on advertising.  That's business.

> Not true, it has only been in the last few years Brinks did any major
> advertising, the name alone sold security systems and still does to some
> extent...

The name alone is never enough for the kind of penetration Brinks and ADT are
seeking.  (Note to "Doug": Not *that* type of menetration)

> No they ARE a profitable company

Maybe and maybe not.

> Yes I often think that when you talk about your past alarm experiences

You think?  Que coisa!

>> Who cares, really? Like ADT's residential division, Brinks has nothing to
>> do with security. They can keep selling lick'n'stick crap until Jesus comes
>> back and it won't mean anything to companies that market real alarms.

> Apparently it does or we wouldn't be having this conversation...

I didn't start the thread -- only joined in to correct you.

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