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mleuck wrote:
> On Jul 1, 5:52 am, Jim Rojas <jro...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> mleuck wrote:
>>> Besides if you are a security company protection houses from burglars
>>> how else are you going to advertise? "Brinks Security.....it's a
>>> keypad......and.......a keypad.."
>> I have done many ADT takeovers over the years. I noticed a trend that
>> every zone was programmed as entry/exit, and a 30 second dialer delay in
>> place...what the hell is up with that?
>> Jim Rojas
> I can't explain the "every zone" part but the 30 second dialer delay
> cuts down on a ton of false alarms, you can't install (legally) a
> panel without it in Texas.

Yes CP-01. I also program 15-30 dialer delays, but also use cancel codes.

On this ADT install, every door, window, and motion was programmed the
same way, entry/exit delay. I don't recall what the actual time delay
was, but if this is ADT's answer to reducing false alarms...wow.

I was told that ADT has been using Lynx systems with GSM radios on strip
mall installations in the New York area. A few stores were broken into,
the Lynx system was obviously smashed. The problem is with how ADT
handles the signal that comes in from the GSM radio. They do not
dispatch or even call the customer on ECP failure...YIKES!

Jim Rojas

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