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Re: AlaemNet 7835 zone wiring

7835 still works ?

"pejue" <alertex@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have a DSC PC1816 system installed at a new construction site that
> does not yet have a land phone line.  Until the phone line is
> established, I want to use the 7835C AlarmNet Cellular transceiver for
> central station supervision.  I can see how I could trigger the
> transceiver with the bell output, but that would not distinguish
> between the zones tripped.  At a minimum, I need to distiguish between
> FIRE and BURG.  The DSC panel has a 2-wire PGM input for fire.  How do
> I wire the transceiver zones to the panel zones?  The 7835C manual is
> not very informative about that.  Any help is much appreciated.

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