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Re: Jim Rojas "panel unlocking"

The takeover market is huge here in the USA. Many dealers swap out the
locked board, with either a fresh or unlocked one, usually at no, or
very little cost to the customer. When the dealer accumulates enough of
these boards, they ship them to me. Many dealers cannot afford to pay
the unlocking fee or even the cost of shipping them to me, so I take in
boards & parts on trade.

Jim Rojas

Frank Olson wrote:
> Borked Pseudo Mailed wrote:
>> Well. I do have to say this. I sent Mr Rojas over 170 boards to unlock
>> for me. Though it took almost 3 months to get them back, I do have to
>> admit that he did what he had promised. Thanks Jim. I will send you
>> another 200 panels in a couple of weeks.
>> Alan Besterman
>> Denco Security Systems
> 170 boards...  and you're sending him another 200...  Scary thought... I
> came across a DSC 1500 the other day.  It was monitoring a fire alarm
> panel.  It wasn't installed in a DSC can, but "taped" to the inside of
> the 12 x 12 electrical box.  When you opened the cover, the keypad fell
> out in your hands.  There was a 12 volt 2 AH battery being used as a
> backup...  I can only assume this is one of those "recycled" used boards
> the installer had in his van.  We don't install used equipment.

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