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Re: multiple inputs and multiple outputs

Ok, now I got you . . . Yes, your idea will work but you should not have to
mess around with the power of the IR Illuminator since it's control by a
day/nite sensor already. so all you need is for the PIRs to start the
recording, hell, you don't even need a relay, just parallel/series the two
motion sensor directly to the "start recording" trigger and you are all set.

"Christopher Glaeser" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> >I am wondering how long the camera is going to last with countless of
> >power cycle happening everyday.
> The camera is powered continuously using PoE.  The PIR trigger is used to
> start recording images to the server via ftp.
> One nice feature of the Axis camera is the image buffer used for
> prerecording.  When an alarm event begins, you can specify how many
> prerecorded images (or video) is included with the recorded images.  Of
> course, this requires the camera to be on all the time.  In addition, the
> startup time of an IP camera is relatively long (on the order of a
> minute), and using an alarm to turn on a camera would likely miss the
> event unless you were just turning it on for a new shift.
> Best,
> Christopher

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