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Re: Brinks

"Injun Ear" <gonsleenger@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Jim Rojas wrote:
>> Your system is not keypad programmable. Do yourself a favor and replace
>> it ASAP.
> Replace it with what???  If I disconnect the phone line, the system should
> still work with the passcode, shouldn't it?
> Anyway, I would like to get out of the $30/month they are charging me to
> monitor it.  I'm 68 and retired, fixed income, and with this economy,
> every little bit saved will help!

It should still work as a local alarm, however if the system is set to
monitor the presence of a phone line then it may indicate/sound a trouble
alert at the keypad, also if it is programmed to send a periodic timer test
then it may sound an alert when it fails to successfully send the test .

I believe that in most cases Brinks retains ownership of the system and they
may, although I don't how likely it is, attempt to recover the equipment
when you cancel service with them.


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