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Re: HIGH SCHOOL -- 1958 vs. 2008

"Jim" <alarminex@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Jan 11, 3:01?pm, Techman <jro...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'd be in prison for all the crap I did in high school...
>> Jim Rojas

>Yeah, you NYC thugs were really bad.

>We were the GOOD guys.

>Other than stealing cars, beating people up in gang wars, dropping a
>cement block on the roof of a police car from a 3 story building,
>breaking into houses, topping dozens of christmas trees on the golf
>course and selling them, holding a group of auxilary policemen
>prisoner in a building and getting shot at,escaping and punching a nun
>in the stomach for trying to take away my porno stories, in the 8th
>grade, I was a pretty good kid.

>Of course the girls mother who I got caught having sex with at 13
>years old wouldn't attest to that.
>(If only I'd have continued to use the fire escape instead of the
>stairs. )

You had sex with a 13 year old mother? and you forgot to mention the kids
you beat up with a hammer.


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