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Re: Brinks

How about this one??
Ademco / Honeywell -4110XM Kit
On Ebay for $79


Jim wrote:
> On Jan 22, 1:54�pm, Injun Ear <gonsleen...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I have Brinks. �I have had them so long the contract has expired and I'm
>> � paying month-to-month. �I would like to drop them and just use the
>> system as a local sound alarm. �Will it keep working if I disconnect the
>> phone line????? �I know they won't receive an alarm, but the burglar will!!
> I'm sorry to say but you got what you  ..... over-paid .... for.
> You are now the proud possessor ( I can't say owner, because you
> don't) of usless cheap equipment.
> If you really want an alarm system .... replace what you have but DO
> have it monitored. You're homeowners insurance reduction will most
> like off set what ever it is that you pay for the monitoring. Likely
> the monitoring fee will be less than what you were paying Blinks.

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