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Re: Ademco Vista 4110 Alarm Panel

I get many referrals from Elk & GE from end users. It would be nice if
more manufacturers at least make an attempt to care.

Jim Rojas

Jim wrote:
> On Jan 15, 9:11�pm, "Crash Gordon" <webmas...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Good luck, come back here if you need more advice.
>> Dunno of any manufacturers that will talk directly with the enduser...so
>> it's not unusual if you've been fobbed (never heard of the term, but can
>> guess what you mean)
>> Rob
>> --
>> **Crash Gordon**
>> "Father Jack" <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:83923db9-1f95-474d-a7ad-fa377effa101@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> On Jan 13, 4:35 pm, "Crash Gordon" <webmas...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> wrote:
>>>> try connecting the keypad DIRECTLY to the panel - eliminating the wiring
>>>> in
>>>> the walls/ceiling. If that doesn't help try a different keypad, if you
>>>> have
>>>> more than one keypad try one at a time.
>>>> I've NEVER seen a Ademco panel that wouldn't set on battery alone...it
>>>> should and does on any I've ever done. Did you replace the battery?
>>>> Try the same thing I recommended with the keypad above only with the
>>>> transformer...connect it directly to the panel eliminating wall/ceiling
>>>> wires.
>>>> --
>>>> **Crash Gordon**
>>>> "Father Jack" <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>> news:a2960ca8-f63e-476a-bc56-6fe7f0d3bc48@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>> On Jan 12, 1:22 am, Jim <alarmi...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>> On Jan 11, 10:50 am, "Crash Gordon" <webmas...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> in addition to what nick said; physically check the power
>>>>>>> transformer
>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>> tight wire connections and that it is not loose in the outlet - one
>>>>>>> time I
>>>>>>> had found clothes dryer lint inside the electrical outlet (it was
>>>>>>> behind the
>>>>>>> clothes dryer)...vacuumed it out and all was fine.
>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>> **Crash Gordon**
>>>>>> Yes and an OLD outlet with loose prongs can do the same thing. The
>>>>>> brass prongs inside of the outlet oxidize and you get a weak or
>>>>>> intermittant AC connection to the transformer.
>>>>> Thanks Guys,
>>>>> Looks like maybe a faulty board as I've carried out all the above.
>>>>> Trouble is apart from the intermittent AC indication on the Keypad
>>>>> (which prevents setting when indicating "No AC") everything is perfect
>>>>> including charging current. However one can now be set using "Quick
>>>>> Set" function & it remains OK during the set period. I thought maybe
>>>>> Ademco might have had a "field" to allow setting with no AC like with
>>>>> no Telephone line.
>>>>> Many thanks for all your input
>>>>> Best Regards
>>>>> Father Jack
>>> Many thanks,
>>> I will leave it till I'm in the region again ( 70 miles away) as I've
>>> worked around it using "quick set". There seems to be no safety issues
>>> involved as all voltages & current readings are very close to those
>>> taken 9 years ago. Still I'm not too happy with Honeywell Ademco for
>>> the way they fobbed me off! Many thanks again for all the suggestions
>>> Kind regards
>>> Father Jack-
> I really REALLY don't understand why some end users think that they
> can call any
> manufacturer and ask them for anything their little hearts
> desire ..... and ... AND
> expect to get it!  And when they don't ......... they're "miffed".

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