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Re: Motion sensor to signal a PC?

"DeanB" <deanbrown3d@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I want to link a motion sensor in my house to a PC, so that I can
> write a program to email me if there is activity. Is there such a
> thing? I understand that some network cameras have similar functions
> (for example FTP'ing file on motion sensing, or sending emails
> themselves), and I have played with them in the past, but is there a
> simple motion sensor equivalent?
> Thanks!
> -Dean

You can jury rig something like that with X-10

Motion detector to X-10 powerflash
Computer with X-10 interface picks up the change
Several software packages that will send out email in response to X-10

X-10 may have other options as well these days.  Have not used it in years.

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