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Re: Hayes 1200 8 & 10 Dips

On Jan 30, 11:20=EF=BF=BDam, "Bob La Londe" <nos...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have had much better luck with Napco panels using the Cardinal 2400
> modems. =EF=BF=BDThey work great with all my Napco panels, and I do not r=
> having to set anything. =EF=BF=BDJust tell the software (DOS and Windows =
both) what
> modem I am using. =EF=BF=BDI have a couple of those Cardinals. =EF=BF=BDI=
 only use the Hayes
> 1200 10 dip for FBII panels now, and I never did get any 8 dip models to
> work with them.

I use the Cardinal for Napco, also.

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