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Re: AlarmForce

On Jan 5, 12:35=A0pm, tourman <robercampb...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Jan 5, 9:48=A0am, "Bob Worthy" <secur...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > It looks like AlarmForce is in the southern part of the US or at least =
> > is the first I have heard of them down here. I have a past client that =
> > outside my service area but has contacted me about possibly using them.=
> > don't know anything other than what I have heard here. Is there a consu=
> > report site that talks about them or does anyone have any solid info ra=
> > than personal opinions on this company?
> > TIA
> RHC: Bob, they have a large presence here in Canada. I believe they
> started in Toronto, and have branched out across Canada to all
> provinces.They state in their advertising that they have 150,000
> people on their service and make a point of telling you they are
> listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. =A0 I remember seeing something
> about them planning to expand into the USA with an anticipated opening
> of 38 planned branches. They advertise extensively on radio and TV and
> have been very successful this way. They specialize in two way voice
> services and their advertising is based around the supposed
> superiority of this versus conventional monitoring. They sell the
> "sizzle not the steak" and their advertising is superb, to the point
> that if I didn't know better, they would sell me on it....:))
> Equipment I have had the opportunity to see is older Linear totally
> wireless, non supervised, "all - in - one box" type equipment. They
> specialize in the "two doors one motion" type systems and from
> speaking to one of their past service technicians who quit the
> company, they are supposed to be working at putting ten systems a day
> on line for every sales / technician on staff. =A0Typically they charge
> $25 monthly, with no long term contract for leased equipment, =A0but
> with payment annually up front. They have recently started peddling a
> wireless keyfob arrangement for older folks calling it "AlarmCare" and
> making another major advertising todo about it. The installations I
> have seen have no line exclusions...they just plug into a phone jack.
> They advertise a backup type of system of some sort protecting the
> client against line cut, but I don't know how that works in reality. I
> know from clients who have come to me for a real system, that they
> won't come out to change batteries for their clients, which would
> leave the client totally unprotected if the they don't notice the
> batteries are low.
> The rest of what I "know" is opinion and you say you don't want this
> (and it isn't good anyway....).

Hey Bob... shouldn't you be someplace warm about now?
Joel plays fast and loose with honesty and integrity but he sure can
market (there's a sucker born every minute).
There's a picture of that old Linear stuff he's using for Alarmcare oh
his site: he puts a sleeve over it for private labeling hahahahaha,
looks hilarious, big red cross on it if I recall.
I also found his "live two-way voice" recording he used in that mis-
leading commercial, it's not a live operator at first, it's just that
wav file instead of the siren... I suppose sooner or later you hear
from one of their ops.
Pretty bad but it's working for him.... oh, the 150000 accounts, he
doesn't tally his accounts, he counts every member in the family and
probably guests too.

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