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Re: Napco Master Password

On 21 jan, 16:26, Jim Rojas <jro...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I can retrieve the MSC from the chip. It's a very simple process. I
> think Napco charges $50 for a replacement chip these days.
> Jim Rojas
> Robert L Bass wrote:
> > "Jim Rojas" <jro...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> >news:iRIdl.27931$1k1.12871@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >> Look inside the main control panel for a white label marked MASTER
> > Jim is right. =A0The label is on the metal cover which protects part of
> > the main circuit board. =A0It the label is gone, you'll need a replacem=
> > chip.

Hi Jim,
The code was wrong so I need retrieve the MSC from the chip. Could you
give me these instructions on how to do that?
Many thanks,

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