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Re: Any knowledge / insight / info on DMP panels?

"Crash Gordon" <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Bob LaLonde has some kind of personal issue with DMP, not sure what it is,
> but I've never had a problem with them.

Well I suppose credit card fraud is personal, but hey.  Its atleast partly
my own fault for trusting that Dave Sharp would honor his word and credit
the charge on my credit card like he said he would and pick up the materials
he sent me that I didn't order.  I called him.  He said he would make it
right.  He didn't.  I guess I should have assumed he was dishonest or woud
blow me off from the start, and just had the charge reversed myself instead
of waiting until it was too late.  My bad.  Notice how I have absolutely no
fear about saying this publicly?  That's because I documented it and saved
it.  The statute of limitations on it has expired by now I am sure, but it
does not change it.  I did say I thought their panels were ok.

> am one of 4 DMP dealers in a 10 mile radius of my office, one dealer is
> very big, the other is like me a little guy who cares. I've known both
> companies for 20+ years and we each help either out when needed. In fact I
> have a pre-nup with one of them that if something  happens to me, he has
> right of first refusal if she want to sell out. My other buddy has 2nd
> option...so I have backups for everything even myself :-)

Good plan.  I have something like that with one of my competitors.  I didn't
think any other small dealers thought about things like that.  I got my DMP
panel clients from a small dealer who didn't when he died.

> Any reputable dealer would have a plan to take care of his clients if
> something happens...doesn't much matter with the big guys because they're
> not "real" people anyway.


> Personally, I see this as the only shortcoming in using a small
> company...but if they have a backup plan...no problem.

Changing providers if you become dissatisfied can be an issue with any size

> --
> **Crash Gordon**
> "Eric B." <ebenze@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:41d2f$48f9e028$cef8a584$16713@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> "Bob La Londe" <nospam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:gdb5es$thp$1@xxxxxxxxxxx
>>> "alarman" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:w6VJk.180$UD6.58@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> Eric B. wrote:
>>>>> Well, that was the first "alarm" that went off in my head (sorry for
>>>>> the pun).  However, that being said, the information that he gave me
>>>>> about the product sounded extremely enticing.  For instance, the
>>>>> system is completely firmware upgradeable remotely, comes with
>>>>> dialer, IP and cellular all built into the panel, all DMP parts are
>>>>> backwards compatible with any previous systems, etc.  Of course, like
>>>>> I said, I was somewhat concerned with the little I have been able to
>>>>> find out about them.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Eric
>>>> I believe that it is good equipment, and there are a couple of guys on
>>>> this board (Crash Gordon and Bob LaLonde)  that know a lot about it. If
>>>> you feel good about the dealer, and he has a good reputation, then you
>>>> should be ok. But, you'll likely be locked in to that dealer, and all
>>>> his warts. You will have no choices if the service stinks, or if the
>>>> rates go up.
>>> However, if a few years down the road you decide you don't like the
>>> current dealer it may be a little difficult to take your business
>>> elsewhere.  Even if they unlock the panel and give you the dealer
>>> program code there won't be many if any the other dealers in your area
>>> with good knowledge of the panels. who can service and program it
>>> easily.
>>> I like the panels I have in the field, although my product knowledge is
>>> about 6-7 years out of date with DMP.  I strongly dislike the company
>>> that makes them.  I have had some pretty onerous experiences with them
>>> and have gone out my way to tell the general alarm industry public here
>>> about it. DMP has never made right on their mistakes with me.  They have
>>> never denied them either even when I stated them as fact not opinion
>>> here and in other public forums.
>>> Anway, the product is ok.  The company not so much, and as with any
>>> totally proprietary distributed product you have to weigh those
>>> limitations.
>> Hi Bob,
>> Thanks so much for insight and advice.  It definitely gives me more to
>> think about.  Given your feelings towards DMP, what do you recommend as a
>> system for the typical homeowner in that case?  I'm not looking for
>> massive home automation, or anything, but just something that will
>> protect the family.  I was considering DSC due to the ease of getting
>> parts for it and the ability to DIY, but I got the feeling from Crash
>> Gordon that DMP was in a league way above and beyond DSC.  So now I'm not
>> sure anymore.  I was also considering Ademco (simply b/c I already have a
>> Vista 15 installed), so was considering continuing with their Vista 20P
>> line, but really not sure any more.
>> Any suggestions?  A big criteria that I have is that I don't want a
>> system where I will be tied to a specific installer or forced to call
>> someone in to service it if it isn't something major.  Adding zones
>> and/or sensors is stuff I could do myself, and even reprogramming minor
>> settings (like timeouts, delays, etc) to tweak it to my needs.
>> Thanks,
>> Eric

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