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Re: Failure rate of window / door magnetic sensors

Crash Gordon wrote:
> Actually your quite correct...I do remember one house that none of the
> switches worked about a week after I put them it...after calming down
> a pissed off client, come to find out ADT installer was there
> "testing" all of my switches with a 12v 7amp battery and a siren.
> Duh. Homeowner wanted me to replace all the switches...idiot. Told
> him sorry...outta warranty have ADT fix what the exploded. He just
> smoked dem contacts till they blew open and stayed open.
> <I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe>
> "Nomen Nescio" <nobody@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:daf42df7c08b14d6247bde365382dfb0@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Crash Gordon said:
>>> It happens, usually it welds the switches closed, which is why we
>>> always recommend the homeowner test all openings at least once a
>>> year but definitely after a major lightning storm nearby.  I've
>>> never found one go open though.
>> Granted, welding shut seems to be the more common failure mode.  But
>> sometimes, they do go open.  I think what happens is that the heat
>> causes the glass tube to crack where the metal reed goes through the
>> glass, causing it to lose its support and the spring tension that
>> tends to keep the switch closed.  Back in the old days, some
>> manufacturers used gold to plate the contacts of their reed
>> switches.  Bad idea.

What was ADT doing there?


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