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Re: oye

>I don't doubt you, Bob.  It was the other gentleman's >implication that he
>has access to things other (irregular?) >dealers don't that I disputed.

And who said that? I didn't. That was all in Bob's post you blended together
with mine. The only thing I said was about being a Continental Instruments
Master Integrator for 2005-2006. And yes you have to be a dealer (with
factory training) to purchase Continental Instruments product.
Here again is what Bob posted:

>As a regular dealer Napco sent me a Freedom 64 to >evaluate.  I plan to set
>it up as a parrallel system in my >new office when I have time and play
>with some of the >wireless as redundant coverage.  Much like I had my >old
>office setup with multiple systems for >experimentation and training.

Then you wrote:

>Even then Napco never sold anything direct.

I wonder why you would make such a statement? Who is it exactly that makes
the custom private labeled Napco keypads? If it's not Napco, then who
exactly? I can name several dealers within 100 miles of where I am that only
buy direct from Napco. I don't think Napco says much to promote the fact
that it's done, mainly to avoid conflicts with the over the counter
distribution channels. I am not that familiar with your product offerings,
but having Bass Alarm on the Napco keypads you sell could be something to
set you apart from other on line vendors. Then, if  you have the volume to
support it, you could be direct with Napco too!

>I much prefer their P3200 and P9600 systems though.  >They are hands down
>the most configurable alarm >systems on the market.

Which market? The black market? The list of features the P3200 and P9600
don't have is lengthy as well. Class A Initiating Circuit? No. (NAC)
Supervision Module? No. UL fire? No (even DSC Power Series and the MA 3000
has that). Two man rule? No. Card access integration? No. Low battery
disconnect? No. Listen In (no Veri-Phone anymore)? No. Zone Doubling? No.
Need to change chips for daylight saving to work? Yes. The Napco Gemini
series of the P3200, P9600 and X255 are good middle of the road panels, your
hyperbole notwithstanding.

"Robert L Bass" <RobertLBass@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Um, Robert.  I am a dealer.  I sell Napco.  Napco sent me a free Freedom
>> 64 a while back to evaluate.  Its not the first free stuff Napco has sent
>> me either.  Sometimes they have even sent me stuff I didn't ask them for.
> I don't doubt you, Bob.  It was the other gentleman's implication that he
> has access to things other (irregular?) dealers don't that I disputed.
> I've still got my old Napco card from back when we took factory training
> on the MA-3000.  Even then Napco never sold anything direct.  They
> occasionally send us samples of new products.
> I offer Napco's entire line, including the Freedom series, in case anyone
> needs a part.  I much prefer their P3200 and P9600 systems though.  They
> are hands down the most configurable alarm systems on the market.
> --
> Regards,
> Robert L Bass
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> http://www.bassburglaralarms.com
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