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Re: oye

> Um, Robert.  I am a dealer.  I sell Napco.  Napco sent me a free
> Freedom 64 a while back to evaluate.  Its not the first free stuff
> Napco has sent me either.  Sometimes they have even sent me stuff I
> didn't ask them for.

I don't doubt you, Bob.  It was the other gentleman's implication
that he has access to things other (irregular?) dealers don't that I
disputed.  I've still got my old Napco card from back when we took
factory training on the MA-3000.  Even then Napco never sold anything
direct.  They occasionally send us samples of new products.

I offer Napco's entire line, including the Freedom series, in case
anyone needs a part.  I much prefer their P3200 and P9600 systems
though.  They are hands down the most configurable alarm systems on
the market.


Robert L Bass

Bass Home Electronics
4883 Fallcrest Circle
Sarasota · Florida · 34233

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