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Re: oye

>Yes, it does have card access integration.

I never noticed it before. I'll have to look a little harder. Did that start
with a particular revision or has it always been there?

"Bob La Londe" <nospam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Roland More" <NoSpamroland@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Card access integration? No.
> Yes, it does have card access integration.  While some of the
> documentation seems to indicate its only available for the X255 the 9600
> does have an access chip available making it compatible with the GEMACM1D
> which can support the Napco line of prox readers or HID prox readers or as
> near as I can tell any other 26 bit Weigand device.
> Supposedly the NAX series of door controllers can also be integrated to
> function with the Gemini panels, but I have not read the manuals on that
> one as yet.
> Now on the other hand...  It wold sure be nice if the 9600 or the X255 had
> an upgrade module for a class A initiating circuit, notification circuit,
> and two line communication.  I would probably sell a lot more of them for
> commerical applications now that just about everybody is requiring
> sprinkler monitoring on new commercial construction.
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