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Re: Window Sensors

"Roland More" <NoSpamroland@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> >When it hits the energy spreads out much like ripples >on a pond.
> >As it spreads out from that point, traveling along the surface of
> >the ground, it looks for the easiest >path.
> Now I see where your thinking is off a bit. However the concept of
> the energy is spreading is okay, the stroke itself is not a single
> event.
> High speed videos (examined frame-by frame) show that most
> lightning strikes are made up of multiple individual strokes...

You're posting information that is non-probative of your original
(erroneous) point.

> A typical strike is made of 3 to 4 strokes. There may be more. Each
> re-strike is separated by a relatively large amount of time,
> typically 40 to 50 milliseconds....

All of which is irrelvent to the point at hand.

>> Naah.  That would only mean that I had either studied xerography
>> or broken into a museum.
> No it would mean that lightning struck you and you miraculously
> survived.

You're confusing me with Benjamin Franklin.  There is no record
indicating that he was interested in xerography either.

> http://teslamania.delete.org/frames/lichtenbergs.html

Very pretty, but it does nothing to substantiate your beliefs about
lightning damage along an alarm circuit.

> Lichtenberg figures, sometimes called "lightning flowers" or "skin
> feathering", are sometimes formed beneath the skin of humans who
> have been struck by lightning. The unfortunate victim will often
> have one or more reddish radiating feathery patterns that branch
> outward from the entry and exit points of the strike.

Quoting web articles about dead scientists doesn't make you a
scientist (dead or otherwise).

> Should that ever happen to you be certain to post it here.

It didn't just "happen to" Lichtenberg either.  BTW, he is far better
known for his aphorisms than for his scientific studies.


Robert L Bass

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