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Re: Failure rate of window / door magnetic sensors

Yes, that is a common occurrence with lightning strikes. Go ahead and
replace all the contacts. You will find that all the contacts that share
the same zone are all damaged. Yet other isolated zones are fine. This
all depends on the path the lightning strike took.

Jim Rojas

borne@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> I installed my own security system 8 years ago.  Last week, lightning
> struck our house and fried all sorts of things.  I discovered about
> half of my window and door magnetic switches were bad.  The control
> panel was fried, but I fixed that.
> I have Ademco mini stick on NC sensors.  Of the broken ones, all but
> one was broken so that they are always closed.  One broke always
> open.
> I can assume the one that was open was caused by the lightning
> strike.  But what about the others that are broken closed?  Did the
> lighting do that, or do these types of switches fail over the years?
> Thanks

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