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Re: Failure rate of window / door magnetic sensors

> I told them ONE station and half the volume, or I will smash the
> freekin radios...

That reminds me of a job we did in Hartford many years ago.  The
customer was rehabbing the home after a fire.  He had a company
called the "Stereo Shop" install a multi-room audio.  We put in the
alarm system.  When the system was finished I walked around the house
and warned everyone that I was going to test the siren.  Inside the
panel was a JDS-100i driver.  In the bedroom hallway was a
flush-mount speaker, wired in parallel with a 40-Watt horn just
inside the attic louver.  I don't recall exactly but the output was
something like 120dB at 10 feet.

I armed the system, waited for the exit delay and opened a window.
After a few seconds I hit the code and shut it down.  A few seconds
later a really PO'd tech from the stereo shop came down from the
attic.  He had been installing an FM antenna right behind the horn
when it went off.  It startled him so much that he stood bolt
upright, banging his head on a roofing nail.

I apologized and explained that I had told everyone I was about to
set off the siren.  No one told me anyone was up there.  He kept
complaining until I finally said something to the effect, "Look, you
heard a loud noise and hit your head. There's no major damage..."

Idiot boy interrupted me, "Your hearing hasn't been fine tuned to
hear music like mine," or some such stereo sales drivel.

I asked him if the customer had already bought the system from his
employer.  He said, "Yes, of course."

I said, "OK, then.  You can drop the bullshit now and get back to
work."  :^)

BTW, the "Stereo Shop" tech-idiots the speaker wires through the
holes along with plumbing and hot water heating pipes.  Instead of
drive rings they ties their cables (none of which were rated for
in-wall use) to pipes, conduit or whatever was handy.  This was the
same shop that years later sold my customer some garden hose sized
speaker cables when all he needed was to re-driver the used speakers
he had.  Idiots!


Robert L Bass

Bass Home Electronics
4883 Fallcrest Circle
Sarasota · Florida · 34233

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