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Re: Ademco 6139 with 5827BD Keypad

	Got it, thanks for all the replies.  The system is working beautifully
now. One other question though, I must have the wrong set of instuctions
for the arm/disarm delay.  Do I input the actual seconds in Fields 34,
35 to set whatever arming time I want?  Using the 0, 1, 2 whatever on
this panel doesn't seem to do the trick right.  Also, Monitronics had
installed the PIR detector (hardwired) as Zone 2, and right near the
front door where you would trip the alarm every time if it's set to
Interior Follower.  Needed to be set up for a delay, so I put it at
specs for a Zone 10(Interior Delay).  I removed their proprietary Vista
15P board and replaced with a generic 20P.
	Other PIR is a wireless unit set up as Zone Type 4 in another room, to
trigger instantaneously, works great.  6139 seems to be a nice panel
though-might go to the voice responsive version later if step-mom would
rather have that.....


Crash Gordon wrote:
> Turn Auto Stay off *84 = 0 (what Mark said)
> Auto Stay switches arming mode to Stay if you don't open a delay door to
> exit.

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