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Re: oye

"Roland More" <NoSpamroland@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

> Card access integration? No.

Yes, it does have card access integration.  While some of the documentation
seems to indicate its only available for the X255 the 9600 does have an
access chip available making it compatible with the GEMACM1D which can
support the Napco line of prox readers or HID prox readers or as near as I
can tell any other 26 bit Weigand device.

Supposedly the NAX series of door controllers can also be integrated to
function with the Gemini panels, but I have not read the manuals on that one
as yet.

Now on the other hand...  It wold sure be nice if the 9600 or the X255 had
an upgrade module for a class A initiating circuit, notification circuit,
and two line communication.  I would probably sell a lot more of them for
commerical applications now that just about everybody is requiring sprinkler
monitoring on new commercial construction.

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