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SST is a systems integrator. Using Software House and Panasonic? Must not be
too integrated. We took over one like that and Software House doesn't have
the API for older Panasonic gear. AD for sure and Integral play but it looks
like Verint got the boot off the SoftwareHouse web site. Must be those
Nextiva bugs. Didn't Panasonic just end of life the only switch they made?
Panasonic has their own up the coax protocol that no one else shares for
their PTZs. SST must be old school integrator. Looks like they have an
APC-8X on their site instead of an iSTAR Pro. I never heard the term
"Software House Enterprise Partner" I would ask our rep what that is but he
wouldn't call us back even if we told him we just bought the company and
fired him. Anybody else know?
Looks like SST wants to buy something too. More companies it looks like. You
selling out Petem? I say sell them all of Canada first.

"Petem" <petem001@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> http://www.1sst.com/
> now you know
> "Roland Moore" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit dans le message de news:
> RHV1h.331$lx6.32@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Who or what is SST?
>> "Petem" <petem001@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:WUU%g.37950$975.627520@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Anyone here been dealing,working with them?
>>> any info on those guys?

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