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Re: Emerson SW375 Ceiling Fan Receiver Programming

replying to James Gifford, Paul M Bouthilet wrote:
I have an Emerson ceiling fan controlled by a SR330 remote paired to a SW375
receiver. I wished to reverse the fan from the winter setting and turned the
fan off by depressing the fan button, so far everything is OK. Reversed the
fan direction via the remote and pressed the fan button but nothing happened,
no beep or movement of the fan blades. Changes batteries and retried to
restart the fan. Again no beep or fan action. Turn power to the fan off and
on, heard a beep. Within a few seconds of the beep I simultaneously pressed
the Select and Sleep buttons, nothing happened suggesting the fan receiver had
received the transmitter code. I have tried this last procedure several times
without success. FYI the fan is up about 25 feet above the floor. Perhaps the
receiver is faulty but, if so, why did it respond to the initial fan shutdown
command and acknowledge the repowering activation. Any suggestions to solve my
problem would be appreciated.

for full context, visit https://www.homeownershub.com/maintenance/emerson-sw375-ceiling-fan-receiver-programming-15254-.htm

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