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Re: Anyplaces still selling X-10 modules?

Yes, but unless they ever changed their designs, they never added AGC, the
appliance modules use a plastic *loud* cam, etc.  I've got lots of those in
a box.  What I'm looking for is a replacement for a 2456S3 ApplianceLinc,
which is the last one they produced and just works really well.

On Sat, 17 Dec 2016 11:12:11 -0500, Tom Kupp <tjkupp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>You can buy them at x10.com.
>On 12/16/2016 02:55 PM, Brian W. Antoine wrote:
>> Used the last of my spare ApplianceLinc's yesterday after I had one die, so
>> I figured it was time to buy a few more.  Nope, sometime recently,
>> Smarthome has dropped all the X-10/Insteon stuff and it's Insteon or
>> nothing now.  They still listed them as recently as last summer I think, I
>> picked up a few of their signal filters to deal with some noise problems.
>> Checked Amazon and a few other places, same story.
>> Sure, I've got a few of the really old modules in a box, but I quit using
>> those for good reasons decades ago. :)
>> Anybody know of a place that hasn't abandoned the X-10 market yet?

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