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Re: X10 signal problems...

replying to Stanley Barthfarkle, etrandy wrote:

I have a Leviton 6308 X10 photocell controlling module 4 codes. All 4 are on
by the photocell, 1 is off by the photocell, 3 by a timer. It's
been installed for 10-15 years, without any real problems. I get the
occasional interference problem when something new gets plugged in
somewhere, but once I find it and remove it, it's back to normal. Recently I
started having intermittent on and off problems with the
photocell. A regular controller works fine. I can't locate any new possible
interference sources. I moved the photocell to a different location
in the home with the same results. I have had a wired signal bridge the whole
time. My feeling is something has gone bad, either the
photocell or the signal bridge, I'm leaning toward the signal bridge. Any
thoughts or suggestions?

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