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Re: Certifying Cat-5 cable

In article <2a9da$4f9703b6$42bb6765$5050@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Jester <jesse_wtfiberlink_at_yahoo_dot_com@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>This is the latest discussion so I guess I should start here...
>I'm wiring a building, and well, they want me to certify the cables. No
>make them into a gig, but then I was like wait... If they are already
>into jacks...
>Sooo yea, one end is terminated into a jack and the other end into a
>switch board,
>is there anyway I can still test these cables for 1 gig in speed?

To certify cables, you need a piece of equipment known as a 'certified'
cable tester.  It does a bunch of tests, and prints out a report.

I doubt that he "non jack" end is actually terminated directly into
a switchboard (PBX).  I'd believe a '110' type punch-down block.
A good cable tester will have an adapter for 110-block terminations.

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