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Re: Stereo Automation?

On Thu, 28 Apr 2011 09:48:25 +0000 (UTC), David White
<whitedavidp@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message  <4l82mb.ecu.19.1@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

>One of my buddies wants to build a remote control mechanism to turn the
>volume control on his stereo. He imagines some kind of motor or servo
>from an RC application that is somehow linked to a pulley which connects
>to the volume knob with a rubber band or the like. It obviously needs to
>move slow and steady yet it need not move a huge distance (if geared
>properly). He doesn't want to use a huge RC radio to control it though.
>He wants something much smaller. Any ideas? He knows that there are
>boxes that can be added to a stereo that are essentially remote control
>volume devices but he is an audiophile and wants to add nothing to his
>system that might dirty the sound.

Google Internet  and search eBay for "motorized potentiometer".

For example, IR control version here:

For his efforts, your friend may also get the crackles and pops and
rectification that sometimes go along with a mechanical passive voltage

... Marc

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