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Re: Stereo Automation?

danny burstein wrote:
> In <nospam-6D4048.23335907052011@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Steve Fenwick <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> What the OP is asking for once was available in commercial
>> production. A Denon integrated amp that I have has an internal motor
>> to turn the volume knob by remote control.
> Ditto. The 10 or so y/o (purchased used) Magnavox system
> I'm listening to right now (separate but joined boxes for
> the tuner, CD player, and cassette tape deck) has a remote
> control that causes the volume dial to physically rotate
> as we watch it....
> Annoyingly the original remote was replaced by a "universal",
> so while we can adjust the volume, we can't change the
> radio station from our chair....

Get a JP1 programmable remote, and you can fix that.

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