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Re: Home Security

In article <p3nLn.32338$wV2.12170@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 "Josepi" <J.R.M.@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Nope. The wireless X10 units I have experienced are the worse junk for
> reliablity.
> Very flakey unreliable operation.
> "jch" <jch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:htkkc1$lb1$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I'm looking for something wireless.  Do you know of a good wireless adapter
> (outdoor) which will keep the motion detector in contact with the network?
> Josepi wrote:
> > Use a good quality proper, hardware store, dual technology motion
> > detector. Wire the unit into 120vac or whatever your "mains", isolate
> > the contact and run the dry contact via signal cable back the input
> > you want to know about the motion.
> >
> >
> > "jch" <jch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > news:hti32o$b3f$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Are there any devices on the market which might act like an outdoor
> > "sentry"?  By that I mean something which will monitor (IR, motion,
> > sound, etc) a specific perimeter and stay in contact (eg wifi) with a
> > computer network.  I envision being able to utilize multiple sentry
> > devices to secure areas around a building, alerting the network
> > should something be picked up. I'm not talking about video
> > survellience but IR, motion, sounds within a predetermined threshold,
> > etc).  The rinky-dink devices commonly available aren't sophisticated
> > enough for this application.  Can you identify sources to research
> > for these outdoor "sentry" devices?
> > Thanks.

I haven't tried them, but Optex makes wireless motion detectors that
look interesting:



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