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Re: Cable vs other choices

Paul K wrote:
> /Over-the-air TV offers excellent value for the cost.
> It sounds like you could buy an excellent antenna and have it
> installed for less than a month of cable bill.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> /
> If you've been on cable TV for years you will likely not be satisfied
> with broadcast TV (antenna).  Look at Dish and DirectTv on their
> websites and compare.  I'm pretty sure you'll like the price better.
> They're probably looking for market share in that area anyway.
> */_  Paul K  _/*

I had Dish and previously had cable. I always seemed to spend alot of
time surfing all the channels in an (often failed) attempt to find
something I actually wanted to watch.

I now have a good digital tv antenna connected to my 26" digital tv. I
get great results (of course yours may vary - see tvfool.com). I
supplement this by connecting a surplus computer which has wireless
internet to the tv and I watch most of the cable shows I no longer get
via Hulu.com or other sites. This works great as well but required a
little expenditure (mostly for a wireless remote keyboard/mouse).
Finally, I subscribed to Netflix which is simply great. So I have cut my
tv bills down to $15/month for Netflix (they have cheaper programs too).
I must have the internet broadband for work so I am just making greater
use of that resource. The antenna cost $45 and the keyboard/mouse was
$80. I would never go back. No contracts, far fewer ads, better choice,
and no mindless channel surfing.

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