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Re: Cable vs other choices

When I go to friends houses with Dish or Cable, I am always amazed at the
lack of things to see.
However I do like some of the things on the history channels but not enough
to pay the minimal amount to see them.

I am amazed at how many infomercials you get to pay for on the services.

WARNING - if you use Zap2It to get TV schedules, do not go out to the dish
site to see what they offer as a schedule.  They hijack your Zap2It cookies
so that you can never (at least after about 6 messages from them) see
listings for any other source.
I am about to blow away any cookie that I can find that includes the term
zap or dish in it and start over.  That will blow away my settings but I
will be able to see the TV listings again.

Bill Fuhrmann

"Paul K" <pkonig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Over-the-air TV offers excellent value for the cost.
It sounds like you could buy an excellent antenna and have it
installed for less than a month of cable bill.


If you've been on cable TV for years you will likely not be satisfied with
broadcast TV (antenna).  Look at Dish and DirectTv on their websites and
compare.  I'm pretty sure you'll like the price better.  They're probably
looking for market share in that area anyway.

  Paul K

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