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Re: New Installation = Insteon

"T. C. Conde" <tcconde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> I have done several houses in UPB and it is the way to go. It is
> actually X-10 version 2.0 and it is just great. FOR ME, it has been
> 100% bulletproof. I have had a few issues with things that didn't work
> when they were installed but they were covered under warranty and all
> was good. All the modules have been easy to wire in and since I use it
> for handicapped and disabled people who REALLY depend on it, I would
> know if it failed for some reason. There is probably nothing wrong
> with Insteon per se. I just needed whole house solutions and Insteon
> was not there. I needed thermostats, IR sending devices, switches,
> plugs, appliance modules, etc. and Insteon didn't offer a full range
> of products, while UPB did. X-10 is just too hit and miss and Z-Wave
> will probably be good, but there is very little hardware for it now.
> If you want to know more about UPB, let me know aned I will turn you
> on to some sources.
> Tim
> tcconde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <TheWalkman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1178549032.739249.188680@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I'm thinking about incorporating some home automation into a big
>> renovation project.  Initially, I'm looking at basic lighting control
>> and was leaning towards Insteon.  I don't really need to do any
>> dimming but want to control cove lighting, under cabinet, etc. which
>> is  fluorescent.  Eventually, I'd like to tie this into an IP based
>> controller (remote monitoring), smart thermostats, etc.
>> It seems that there are no Insteon wall outlets (other than the lamp
>> modules which I really would prefer not to use.)  Isn't this a huge
>> gap in their offerings?  The Smarthome folks have said for a year
>> that they're just around the corner...
>> Would I be better off with an alternative technology?  I'm getting a
>> funny feeling in my gut that Insteon is dying on the vine. I've been
>> casually monitoring this technology for a bit over a year and it
>> seems Insteon has stalled.
>> Does anyone know if someone will soon offer plug modules?  Is Insteon
>> the way to go?  Are there better alternatives?  Any thoughts/
>> comments appreciated.

Tim, do you have a link to UPB?  I got the Insteon starter kit a year
ago.  I've heard a lot of bad things about Insteon products since then,
and am reluctant to use them.  Since my starter kit is capable of sending
X10 commands, can I use this to address UPB?

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